Caring for your HMW


Some recommendations to help you care for your whip...

    Never get your whip wet.

    Never use light oils like neat's-foot, tallow or mink oils to dress it. Light oils like this will sooner or later weaken and break down the leather.

    Don't use it on rough surfaces like pavement or concrete.

    Don't practice wrapping on trees.

    Don't crack it against the ground or hit any hard surface or use excessive force when throwing.

    Don't use the whip without a cracker.

    Don't store your whip in direct sunlight, or in your car.

Keep your fall well greased. Find, and use a good beeswax dressing. (Google Leather Dressing and you'll find a good one.) Dress your whip if it gets wet. (Let it dry completely first.) If you dress the whip when it's still wet you could lock in the water and the leather will decay.
Dress your whip if it gets too dry or scuffed up. Keep an eye out for, and untie knots in the fall and cracker.

Most of this stuff is common sense, But you'd be amazed at what some folks will do to their whips. Basically all you need to do is; if it starts to look beat-up or dried out give it some dressing and let it set overnight before using it again. If it gets wet let it dry then dress it.

Like any of your tools, if you take care of it, It'll take care of you.


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