Quirts / Cats / Floggers

All my Quirts, Cats and floggers are made using the same 1st grade kangaroo, exotic hardwoods, and attention to detail as my Bullwhips SnakeWhips and SignalWhips. 


Quirts , Cats, Multi-Tail Quirts Floggers.



Lead Shot loaded, fully plaited belly and bolstered. Comes in a 16 plait kangaroo overlay in one or two tone. Dense yet flexible body 17 to 19 inches long.


Multi-Tail Quirt

All Kangaroo skins are drum stuffed 1st grade skins imported directly from Packer Leather Australia.



Cat & Nine Tail

All Cats are finished with gum knots and the tails left long to add even more versatility to this already outstanding toy" this extra attention to detail is standard here at handmade whips.





Leather Colors

Natural - Brandy - Saddle Tan - Black - Whisky - Red
Other colors may be available upon request

(shipping within the US $14.00
world wide $55.00)

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HMW Whip, Good balance, Excellent feel, Superior action.




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